Shipping Policy

How much are the shipping fees and how long will it take for me to receive my order?

3D Tech Labs only ships to the United States. Please refer to the table below for shipping fees and estimated delivery times by manufacturer.

3D Tech Labs will provide you with a tracking number within 12 hours of your order being shipped (i.e. leaving the warehouse) via the email address you provided when you placed your order.

Please note that the delivery times are assuming couriers are running on-time; 3D Tech Labs is not able to guarantee these time frames since couriers have been experiencing delays recently which is outside our control.

Manufacturer Max Shipping Fee Max # of days to deliver

$12 shipping fee for orders < $66

Free shipping on all other orders

6 business days

Free shipping

7 business days

Shipping fee = (price X 5%) + $6.00

6 business days

Orders equal to or less than $500 = shipping fee of (price X 10%) + $6.00

Orders $501+ = shipping fee of (price X 5%) + $6.00

6 business days

Orders equal to or less than $500 = shipping fee of (price X 10%) + $6.00

Orders $501+ = shipping fee of (price X 5%) + $6.00

6 business days
MakerPi $56 7 business days
Kywoo 3D Free shipping

6 business days


Can I have an order shipped to Hawaii and / or Alaska?

Most of our products can be shipped to Alaska and Hawaii. The table below indicates which products (by manufacturer) can be shipped to Alaska and Hawaii.

Manufacturer  Ships to Hawaii / Alaska?
Sindoh Yes
Flashforge Yes
Wasp Yes
Creality Yes
Mayku Yes
MakerPi No
Kywoo 3D Yes


If you'd like an order shipped to Alaska or Hawaii, please contact us to coordinate shipping options. 

I need to receive my order quickly. Do you offer Expedited Shipping options?

We are happy to accommodate expedited shipping for your order. Please contact us directly so we can provide you with expedited shipping options, as the expedited shipping options vary depending on various factors such as shipping destination, product(s) ordered, etc.

Title and Risk of Loss

Title to all Products supplied hereunder shall pass to Customer when delivered to the carrier and thereafter, except as otherwise specifically provided herein, all risk of loss and/or damage to any Products ordered hereunder shall be borne by Customer.

Inspection by Customer | Claims for Damage in Transit

Customer agrees to carefully examine all deliveries of Products made hereunder and, within five (5) days of receipt, notify 3D Tech Labs of any alleged error, shortage, defect or non-conformity of any such Products. Any failure by Customer to examine and report shall constitute a waiver of any claim or right of Customer against 3D Tech Labs arising hereunder or by law with respect to any such error, shortage, defect or non-conformity reasonably discoverable by such examination. Any and all claims by Customer for damage or loss in transit shall be made by Customer against the carrier.